Men at Work; Men at Rest

Alfred Buchinger Joinery;

Mount Arthur, Tasmania.



“like a child in a candy store”.

Like most throw around phrases, they’re not designed to be taken literally, they’re more “one size fits all” kind of thing, bend it, mould it, do whatever until it applies to you directly. While the ‘child’ and ‘candy store’ are only variables, I’m willing to bet than within us all, there’s something that makes us tick. The beauty of the human condition is that it’s unlikely i’ll have the same thoughts and desires as another person, and thats GREAT, diversity makes the world go around. But seeing as this is my tiny little space on the internet, lets talk me. Lara. Curious by nature. My candy store comes in the form of the unknown. I need to get my hands into everything, check things out until my heart is content. And while that makes me an ideal candidate for traveling, i can’t forget about everything that is currently surrounding me. My own neighbourhood is deliciously sweet. A bit of trespassing has found me one off gems, and moments I wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. The thrill to see, and be somewhere that is waiting to have its story told, gets my heart beating like crazy. I forget to feel scared, as my friends do when they accompany me.

A few days ago, my sweet friend and I crawled through a window of an abandoned house to check it out. I’d driven past it countless times in my life, wondering about the secrets within the weatherboards. Light seemed to pool into the vacant rooms, which was swallowed up by the musty carpets which saw their glory many years ago. But it was beautiful in its own right. Unfortunately for us, it was short lived. 4 minutes tops. The farmer came home, and we made our mad dash through the window once again to stay out of sight and get back to my car. We chose not to see it as our plans ruined, but another dimension of adventure.


Lets get to the point, i am completely over my head with filmmaking. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing, but i like that that means i have no expectations of myself to fulfil. Whether this is a short phase, or something that grows with me, i truly don’t know. But for now, it is a new challenge, and a new area to grow into.